ARM Mortgage Calculator

The ARM Calculator is a perfect tool for estimating the costs of even the most nonstandard mortgage programs with rates subject to irregular changes. Extra payments of all sizes, single and recurring, are supported. The Interest-Only period of any length and payment frequency is customized with an adjustable rate and extra payments.

It’s a proven fact, that a mortgage with the lowest rate may not always be the best choice. To assist your decision, the Calculator itself suggests the most efficient rate for the Closing Costs entered, including the loan origination fees, points etc.

However flexible and multifunctional the Mortgage Calculator is, it can just as well be used for less complicated calculations. All you have to do is fill out the relevant fields. No CALCULATE button! The dynamically updated results of the calculation respond immediately to any change in the data input. The contemporary Vista and Office 2007 based look of the program delivers the true and thorough account of your mortgage options in the most optimized manner.

Yet, if your task is simply estimating your monthly payment and you don’t feel like downloading a whole program for that, use our  online calculator – one of the many more available on our site to answer your questions about mortgages along with detailed explanatory articles.